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  • How do I know if I need to submit a Request for Property Modification and obtain my neighbors acknowledgement?
    The most common requests are:  Painting the home a different color, replacing fencing, building changes like storage sheds, play sets, patio area modifications and variance requests from the approved “Weathered Wood” roof shingles.
    If there’s any doubt contact First Services Residential 24/7 at 877-378-2388.   An additional source is our website – look under HOA Documents.  Lastly, you can also ask the Architectural Committee by submitting a question through our web site but the response may be a few days longer as the HOA directors are all volunteers. 
    Neighbor’s written acknowledgment is needed so there are no issues between neighbors regarding, height, color, materials, and location.  
  • What is the standard color of roof shingles?
    Weathered Wood.

    Should you desire a different color, you MUST submit a Request for Property Modification signed by your immediate adjacent neighbors and provide a sample of the shingles.
  • What color may I paint my trim?
    All colors must be low in intensity.  If you desire a different color, you MUST submit a Request for Property Modification (RPM), with paint samples (manufacturer and color code is sufficient) and your immediate neighbors must acknowledge this color. Please do not paint and then submit the Request.
    If you are using the same/similar white, off white, eggshell, simply submit a RPM with neighbor acknowledgment
  • Why do I need my neighbors approval for a change?
    In order to maintain standard of our community as described in the Deed Restrictions, obtaining a neighbor’s acknowledgement will ensure that all parties remain on an even plain. A play set might be placed in an area that might prevent privacy of a neighbor (children peering over fence). If everyone agrees to the placement we avoid problems.
  • The street light near my house is out, who do I contact?
    The Public Works Department reports all malfunctioning street lights to the appropriate electric company and also confirms when repairs are completed.
    To report a street light that is not operating correctly, call the Public Works Street Division at 817-743-4200
    Alternatively, If you are in Phase 1 or Phase 2 you may contact Oncor directly 888-313-4747 or in Phase 3, Tri-County 817-431-1541
  • Do I need to file a Request for Property Modification to build a shed?
    The City of Keller, however, does not require a permit for a shed that is 12’x12’ or smaller.
  • Can I pump my pool water into the street/storm drain?
    Per the City of Keller:  Don't pump your pool water into the storm drain - pool chemicals can be hazardous to our creek habitats. Whenever possible, drain your pool into the sanitary sewer system usually located at the front of the residence with either a black or white cap where it can be treated prior to entering the creeks and water table.
  • Do I need to file a Request for Property Modification to erect a play set (permanent or temporary)?
  • May I place a contractor's sign in my yard while work is in progress?
    No sign of any kind or character shall be displayed to the public view on any
    lot except for one (1) professionally fabricated sign of not more than Six (6)
    square feet advertising the property for rent or sale, security systems signs,
    school booster signs or political signs 2 weeks before early voting and 3 days
    after the corresponding election.
  • When are the regular garbage and recycling days?
    Monday for garbage only. Thursday for garbage and recycling.  Per CWD, these items can be placed at the curb by or after 7 p.m. the evening before, and should be removed and stored our of sight after pickup but no later than 7 p.m. on the day of pickup.
    CWD's Holiday Schedule:
    New Years Day – Not Affected
    Memorial Day – Pickup as regularly scheduled
    Independence Day – Pickup as regularly scheduled
    Labor Day – Pickup as regularly scheduled
    Thanksgiving – No Service, service resumes next service day
    Christmas – Not Affected
    If we hear from the City or CWD that there is a change, an email blast will be sent and it will be posted at Important Announcements
  • When is it permissible to put out trash/recycling at the curb for pickup?
    • Monday – Trash only. Barrels can be placed at the curb after 7p.m on Sunday.
    • Thursday – Trash and Recycle. Both barrels can be placed at the curb after 7 p.m on Wednesday.
    • As CWD does, in the Spring and Fall, make a special pick up on Mondays (and Tuesday if they miss an area) of leaves and pruning of branches and plants. Bagged leaves and bundled branches can be put out up to two days before pickup (i.e., Saturday for Monday pickup).
    • All barrels must be returned to an area not visible from the street the evening of trash pickup, but no later than 7 a.m. the following day.
  • I have old furniture for trash pick-up, what is the procedure for this?
    CWD provides its residential customers with bulky waste pick-ups as part of their regular garbage collection. This includes such items as old furniture, refrigerators (with certification that CFC's (FREON) have been removed by a certified technician), water tanks, hot water heaters, washing machines, other large household appliances and materials resulting from minor remodeling (excludes construction debris defined as waste building materials from construction, remodeling, repair or demolition operations).
    If there is more than one bulky item please contact CWD at (817) 795-9300, option 2, for disposal options.
  • When is the Annual HOA meeting?
    The Annual Meeting is the third Wednesday of September at 7:00 pm each year.
    We hold the meeting at the Keller Police station located at 330 Rufe Snow in the Community Room.
  • When are the Annual Association Dues due?
    The Annual HOA Dues ($190) are to be received no later than July 30 each year.  If you have any questions about the dues, please contact First Services Residential 24/7 at 877-378-2388.
  • When are the Regular HOA Board meetings and can homeowners attend?
    Homeowners are welcomed to attend. The HOA Board meetings are generally scheduled for the third Wednesday of February, May, July, and October. The specific date are posted approximately 7 days prior to the meeting under Upcoming Events.  On rare occasions, the Board may change the date to accommodate calendars of the Board members and ensure we have a quorum. The meetings start at 6:30pm and are held at different locations so check the website for the location and verify the day. One of the first items on the agenda is an opportunity for Homeowners to ask questions of the Board – normally 5 or 10 minutes are set aside for homeowner input, questions or grievances. If you think more time may be required or you have a topic you wish to present to the Board, ask the property manager (First Services Residential 24/7 at 877-378-2388) to schedule additional time on the agenda prior to the meeting.
  • Do I need a permit to replace my fence?
    Yes. All fence replacements, including, but not limited to fence posts, must receive a Permit from the City of Keller and also require a “RPM”.
    Neighbors are not "required" to pay for 'their half' of the fence, but it is a neighborly thing to do. If the neighbor is not able or willing to pay, then the homeowner replacing the fence bears the entire cost.
  • My shared fence needs replacing but one of my three neighbors does not want to share in the cost. What are my options? Can the HOA compel the neighbor to cooperate?
    The fences put up by the builder are shared.  Fortunately, the vast majority of the residents in Saddlebrook Estates recognize that the appropriate action is to share in the replacement expense and/or repairs.  Your options are limited.  Either convince the other homeowner to share on the cost, replace the fence at your cost, or build a fence on your property line.  If the neighbor has a pool and the fencing is a safety hazard, call the City of Keller. Pools are required to have good fences for safety.  The HOA does send letters and requires homeowners to maintain fences visible from the street.  That normally is not part of the shared fence. 
  • My neighbor is not maintaining his home and I'm concerned that it's affecting my property values.
    If your neighbor is in violation of the Covenants then please let the property management group know First Services Residential 24/7 at 877-378-2388.  The individual will be asked to correct the situation after the potential violation is confirmed and may be subject to fines if not corrected. 
    While you do not state the type of potential violation – i.e., not mowing the grass, not trimming trees, not painting the home or painting in unauthorized colors are some potential violations the address of the residence is needed for inspection.
  • People do not seem to be picking up their dogs poop. Can the HOA help?
    The City of Keller has ordinances on animal droppings (aka dog poop) and the City has categorized it as a “Public Nuisance” and a health issue.
    Our neighbors should pick up after their dogs. Keller Animal Services advises to take a picture, note the location and provide Animal Services (817-743-4710) with the home address of the offending party.
    Animal Services can issue a citation. The HOA has sent emails to our community asking homeowners to please pick up after their animals.
  • I’ve noticed multiple houses in the neighborhood are not complying with the two tree requirement in the Covenants. What is the HOA board doing about it?
    Two trees are required in the front yard of every home. Waivers have only been granted to a couple homes with extremely small front yards.  After the recent spring storms, however, many homeowners had to remove trees.  The board granted extensions to those homes so they did not have to plant the tree in the heat of the summer and risk the tree dying.
    We will continue to monitor the situation and Property Management will work with individual homeowners to come back into compliance.
  • Does my crepe myrtle count as a tree in my front yard?
    Generally speaking - no.   Crepe myrtle or other decorative plants/shrubs planted in the "foundation: area are not part of the front "yard".
    A crepe myrtle planted outside the foundation area and trimmed back severely (i.e., 'topped') each year is more a shrub than a tree will not be considered a tree.  If the Crepe Myrtle is left to grow naturally, with minimum pruning it may be considered a tree (on an individual basis).
    The replacement front yard trees must be at least 2 inches in diameter when planted.
  • My neighbor plays music loud, parties outside, and are generally loud late into the night. What can be done?
    Call the Non Emergency Number for the police (817-743-4522).
    The city has noise ordinances that prohibit loud music after ten o’clock on weekdays and 11 o’clock on weekends.  You should notify the police – the HOA board has no authority in these matters.  Even if the noise level is excessive earlier than 10 or 11 pm, the police can help if the noise level is excessive.
  • My neighbor will not sign the acknowledgement for my home project. What do I do?
    Submit the “RPM” form and state the neighbor that will not sign.  (The neighbor’s signature is not approval).  If your project is within the Saddlebrook covenants and architectural guidelines then it will be approved after the HOA attempts to contact your neighbor.  
  • Can something be done about the number of cars parked on the streets? The cars parked on the street are dangerous for children and impede traffic.
    Unfortunately, no. The HOA Board has sent out letters to homeowners in the past asking homeowners not to park on the streets for safety reasons.  Our notices had little impact and the minor improvement only lasted for one or two weeks. 
    The streets are the City of Keller streets and the city permits parking on the streets.  Gated communities can enforce no parking on their streets because they own the street and are responsible for the maintenance of the streets.
  • Cars seem to be driving too fast in our neighborhood. I am especially concerned because of the children. Can we have speed bumps or the speed limit lowered on our streets?
    The HOA board has talked to the police about this problem multiple times over the years.  The police have been responsive by monitoring our traffic with radar and/or by having a police car on the street in the early morning.  The results of their findings were that the majority of cars are not breaking the speed limit of 30 mph.  Now, 30 mph seems too fast but that is Keller’s standard for subdivisions.  According to the City, to lower the speed we would have to have 66% of the homeowners agree in writing and then it would be lower to only 25 mph.  Any citizen can call the police and let the police know their concern.  The Keller police will probably respond has they have in the past which gets our neighborhood thinking about the speed our residents are driving.  Regarding having speed bumps installed; Keller was not receptive to idea when we discussed speed bumps in 2012.
  • What are Saddlebrook Estates social activities?
    The social activities vary each year. In the past, the social committee activities included Spring Egg-Stravaganza, Back to School get-together, two Garage Sales (Fall and Spring), December Hayride, and Christmas Lighting contest. Pictures are available on the website. The activities vary because of community calendar conflicts and social committee participation.
    We are no longer having a Saddlebrook Estates 4th of July parade and bicycle decorating contest, as the City of Keller now has a city wide Independence Day Bicycle Parade and we encourage residents to participant in this event held at Town Hall. 
    Details will be published under Upcoming Events when we receive an announcement.
  • When are the neighborhood garage sales?
    Normally, garage sales are twice a year - the first weekend in November and the first weekend in May.  However the social committee may change the dates. Participation in the neighborhood garage sales has been low in the last few years. So we are questioning the effort for the return/value to our homeowners. Please let us know if you believe it is worth continuing.  If our dates are not convenient for you please note that an individual homeowner may have one ‘private’ garage sale per year.